To prevent any misunderstanding when problems occur during the various sport seasons, Stampede Sports has instituted the following Code of Conduct for players, coaches, and parents:

Code of Conduct for Players

As a player for Stampede, I agree to:

Respect my coaches.

The coaches are volunteers who donate their time to our organization, and my appreciation for their help should be reflected in all my actions on the playing field. It is my duty to listen to and follow the directions of my coaches and to obey the rules set forth
by the coaches of the teams.

Respect my team members and other players.

I will not insult, criticize, or verbally abuse any other player. Such behavior does not promote but destroys team spirit.

Never resort to physical threats or actions to rectify a situation.

Physical outbursts are unacceptable and will be dealt with using a zero tolerance policy. I will avoid all acts likely to incite violence or disorder, and any such occurrence will result in my immediate
suspension. Violent behavior towards any player, coach, official, or spectator is at all times unacceptable and will lead to my immediate suspension.

Display good sportsmanship at all times.

As a participant at Stampede Sports, it is my duty to reflect the characteristics of fair play at all times. I will display to others that competition is healthy, and I will not lower those standards by engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct.
Abusive language is unacceptable, and I am aware that using vulgar (profanity) or abusive
language will result in my immediate suspension.

Be a contributor to Stampede Sports.

I play organized sports not only for my own personal pleasure and benefit but for the benefit and as a participant of Stampede Sports. I will always give 100% to my team by doing the best job that I can. Be proud to be a player at Stampede and have FUN doing it!

Code of Conduct for Parents

As a parent of a player in Stampede Sports, I agree to:

Respect the coaches their coaching staff.

Coaches are volunteers who donate their time and expertise to Stampede. My appreciation of their efforts is paramount to ensuring a willing and ample supply of coaches in the program. I will take practices and games seriously by making sure that my child(ren) are available and on time as scheduled. I will collect my children in a timely manner when practices and games are finished.

Respect all players.

All players are contributors to a team and should be positively encouraged by all parents. I will not engage in insults or criticisms of players. Such behavior does not promote team spirit but breaks apart a team and will not be tolerated.

Respect Stampede Sports Personnel and Officials.

You, as parents, are the best example to your children regarding sportsmanship and respect toward other persons. As such, I agree, as a parent of a child participating in Stampede Sports programs, to always respect and treat civilly the Stampede Personnel and Officials who are working at any Stampede Sports venue. Follow proper channels to resolve any dispute with Stampede. Stampede is willing to assist any parent that has a problem with any of its programs. I understand that if I have an issue or problem, I should approach and address it with the coaches of my child’s team, the football director, any Stampede manager on duty, or the General Manager. No parent should ever feel that any staff member at Stampede is unapproachable.

Display good sportsmanship at all times.

The children are learning to become team players and work toward a common goal. I will always be non-judgmental in my support for their attempts and their outcomes. Abusive language is unacceptable, and I am aware that using vulgar (profanity) or abusive language will result in my immediate suspension. Appreciate that Stampede is striving to provide the best sports program for my children. The programs at Stampede are intended to be fun and learning experiences for all players. I will relax and enjoy the experience.

Code of Conduct for Coaches
As a coach and/or manager for KYA, I agree to:

Respect all players.

I will ensure that all criticism I offer to the players will be constructive and balanced with compliments. I recognize that all players are contributors to my team and I will treat them all fairly and equitably within the age-specific playing rules.

Respect all parents.

I recognize that parents’ enrolling their child/children in Stampede is a big commitment. I will keep my team parents informed as well as possible to ensure that the whole team is pulling in the same direction.

Respect Stampede Personnel and Officials.

I understand that as a coach, the children on the team and their parents look to me for leadership and as an example of how to act toward the persons issuing rulings during a game situation. As such, I agree to always respect and treat civilly the Stampede Personnel and Officials who are working at any Stampede Sports venue.

Follow proper channels to resolve any disputes.

I understand that I am not alone in my position as manager or coach. I have a strong organization to assist me in the resolution of
problems, issues, or disputes. If they arise, I will discuss problems with my manager or coaches, the player(s), the parents, the football director, Stampede Manager on duty, or the General Manager, as necessary. With the coaches, I will schedule a team meeting before our first practice to formulate the expectations for our team.

Display good sportsmanship at all times.

I understand that the players are learning to be good sportsmen and team players and are quick to copy all behavior they see on the field, particularly mine, in my position as manager or coach. I will show respect to my team’s manager, coaches, players, and parents, as well as the opposing managers, coaches, players, and parents, at all times. The officials and fans will also have my respect, and I will respectfully take care of the playing fields, facilities, and equipment that we use. Abusive language is unacceptable, and I am aware that using vulgar (profanity) or abusive language will result in my immediate suspension.

Be a positive contributor to Stampede.
I will be a positive and caring influence and an encouraging force in teaching the lessons of team play through sports to all the players and parents I encounter.

I hereby represent and certify that I have been given a copy of, and have read, the Stampede Sports Code of Conduct and that I have either read it to my child, if applicable, or had my child read it and have thoroughly discussed with my child the contents and expectations contained within it. I further represent and certify that I, my spouse, my family members, and my child participating in Stampede activities will abide by standards and codes expressed in the Stampede Sports Code of Conduct. I further agree that Stampede reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend and/or ban any player, parent, guardian, or family member from its facility, and the activities related thereto, for the failure to abide by the Stampede Code of Conduct (this includes the dismissal of a player from a team in mid-season). I further understand and agree that the lack of awareness or a misunderstanding of the standards expressed within the Stampede Sports Code of Conduct on my part is not a defense to a charge of misconduct.

Signature of Parent, Guardian, or Coach