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Upcoming Leagues and News

Spring Flag Football

Season: March 21st thru May 16th

Age Cut Off: February 1st, 2020

In order to register for the Spring season please use the registration link in the top right hand corner of the web page.  Find the age group you are registering for and click on the button.  The next page you will be routed to will be our new Dash platform.  You will need to create an account so you can access our registration.  If you do not have a team please select the Free Agent option and proceed with registering in the proper age group.

For Free Agents there is no guarantee your child will be placed on a team.  If we have enough kids to form a house team and a parent is willing to coach then we will do that.  As a free agent you will not be charged unless you are placed on a team. 

If you are a player signing up for a specific team then utilize the normal registration under the specific age group for that season.

1. Small Fry ages 5-6 years old - Coach QB

2. Bantam ages 7-8 years old - Coach QB & Kid QB (provided we have enough teams that want to do this)

3. Junior ages 9-10 years old - Kid QB

4. Senior ages 11-12 years old - Kid QB

You can bring in your own team or sign up as a free agent looking for a team.

All leagues are a 5 vs 5 format.  If you want to bring in your own team just email Nate Summers at:  Please include the age group, team name and coaches contact info.

​​Winter Youth Soccer Season
​​Season: Starts December 2nd

Registration Deadline:  November 22nd
Questions: Email:

​All teams and individuals MUST register online. 

All team fees will be due BEFORE the first game.

(Free agents will not be charged if they cannot be placed on a team)

Red Card Policy

Non-Violent Ejection
-1st Offense: One week suspension + $25 fine
-2nd Offense: Three week suspension + $50 fine
-3rd Offense: Two month suspension + $100 fine
-4th Offense: Six month suspension + $200 fine

Violent Ejection
-1st Offense: Three month suspension + $200 fine
-2nd Offense: Permanant suspension