A printable version of the rules can be found here: Indoor Soccer Rules

Stampede league specific rules can be found below.

Youth Soccer Ball Sizes

-u8| Size 3

-u12| Size 4

-u13+| Size 5

Stampede House Rules

-Teams trailing by 7 goals may add an extra player on the field

Coed Sundays and Saturdays (Goalies become defenders when outside penalty area)
-Two goal max per player for Novice and South divisions
-No goal limit for North, Championship, or Intermediate
-After a seven goal differential the losing team can add one player until the deficit is reduced to less than seven (South & Novice only)
-No player may play in both the top and bottom divisions (North/South)(Championship/Novice)

Womens 5v5 Wednesday
-No goal limit for North
-Three goal limit per player for Central and South

Womens 7v7/ 5v5 Tuesday
-Three goal limit per player

Over 30
-Allowed two players that are under the age of 30, must turn 27 prior to the start of the new season

All Teams
-Roster will be locked following the completion of the third game, no players can be added once rosters are locked, no exceptions
-Players must play in at least one regular season game to be eligible to play in playoffs/finals

Playoff Rules
-Three minute overtime-GOLDEN GOAL
-Followed by five second dribble ups only using players on the field at the end of overtime. (3 second dribble ups on small field)