You wanna take it inside?

DFW's premier indoor sports facility.

​​Stampede Sports Arena

A printable version of the rules can be found here: Indoor Soccer Rules

Stampede league specific rules can be found below.

Youth Soccer Ball Sizes

-u8| Size 3

-u12| Size 4

-u13+|Size 5

All Over 30 Leagues

-Each team may have 2 players that are age 27+ on their roster.

All Over 40 Leagues

-Each team may have 2 players that are age 37+ on their roster.

​Coed Over 30 Sunday:
-Two goal MAX per player.

 Coed Saturday:
-Two goal MAX per player (Novice League)
-No goal limit in Coed North
-After a five goal difference losing team adds one player till the deficit is reduced to less than five. (Central and South)

 Women’s 5v5 Wednesday and 7v7 Tuesday:
-Three goal max per player

 Playoff Rules For Field One:
-Three minute overtime with regulation rules.
-Followed by five second dribble ups, using five players from the field at the end of regulation.

Playoff Rules For Field Two:
-Three minute overtime with regulation rules
-Followed by three second dribble ups, using any five players from the team.