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Fall 2019 Flag Football Champions

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My name is Nathan Summers and I am the Youth Football Director for Stampede Sports.  I have been the Football Director at Stampede since 2011.  My goal for the program is for the kids to have fun and grow to have a passion for the game of football.  Our league offers competition at all levels through four different age groups. So if you want to beat the heat or cold come to Stampede and bring it inside.

Raiders Bantam B Fall Champs

Texas Stix Senior Fall Champs

UPDATED  11/29/2019

Spring Registration is now open.

Season: March 21st thru May 16th

Age cut off for spring is February 1st.  Players can always play up an age group if they want to.

Reserve your team a spot this upcoming Spring Season by emailing the Youth Football Director at  Please provide the following info:

1. Team Name

2. Age group

3. Coaches contact info

4. Team colors

5. Do you need any additional players

6. Specific dates you cannot play

**If you are signing up for a specific team you must have the coaches approval of that team to do so**

Age Cut off for the Spring Season will be: February 1st, 2020 (there age on that day is the age group they play in)

Small Fry (5-6) – Coach QB - Pee wee size football

Bantam (7-8) – Coach or Kid QB - Pee wee size football

Junior (9-10) – Kid QB - Junior size football

Senior (11-12) – Kid QB - Junior size football

Season will run from March 21st thru May 16th.

As it pertains to scheduling requests, I will do my best to accommodate all requests before the season starts. However I cannot promise I will be able to fulfill every request.  

Violating the Code of Conduct could result in one game or a season long suspension.  If a player is suspended for the season for violating the code of conduct then you will not be issued a refund.

Nathan Summers

Youth Football Director

Stampede Sports